Instagram Live Sales

What's a Live Sale?

Typically once a month (on a Thursday or Friday), we go live on Instagram to showcase the new pieces we are offering. This is a great opportunity to see our crystals in action, sparkling or reflecting rainbows, as photos sometimes don't properly do them justice. During this live stream, you can join to simply admire the crystals and say hello, or you can make a purchase if find a piece you connect with. It's a fun way to talk about and appreciate crystals with other like-minded people in Instagram's crystal community.

Follow us on Instagram @muse.and.minerals to be updated on when our next live sale is and to see snippets of what's coming soon. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on other sales and website updates, including sales that involve our handmade crystal macramé décor, talisman charms, and beaded crystal bracelets.

Our Live Sale Policy

To make a purchase during the live sale, you can comment a purchase word ("claim," "mine," or "sold") with the price and letter on the sticker or tag we show corresponding with the crystal you'd like. Please note that doing so is a commitment to purchasing so please claim your piece(s) responsibly.

After the live sale, we compose your own claim(s) into a single listing that will be posted on our website the following day for you to complete your purchase. It will be labeled with your Instagram handle and the date of the live sale. For example, for a live sale on the date 9/2/21, the listing will be titled in this format: @muse.and.minerals 9/2/21

Payment is due within 24 hours after being listed, and failure to pay will result in you losing your claims and potentially being blocked. On the other hand, the faster you pay, the quicker your package can be sent out.

All other policies (shipping and open boxes) apply to live sale purchases. Please see our Shipping Policy for more details on these.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

If there are multiple claims for a single crystal, the crystal will go to the first person on our screen who claims correctly with the purchase word, price and letter. This may show differently on your own screen, but please keep in mind that we will offer the crystal to whoever shows up first on our own screen.

Our platforms, and especially live sales, are a safe space for all crystal collectors, new and continuing. Please do interact with us and others in the live stream, have fun, and be respectful.