Muse & Minerals is a small AAPI-owned business based in California. We focus on selecting a variety of unique and high quality crystals to share and connect with inspired crystal collectors--new and continuing.

What are Crystal Muses?

Here, we like to call our crystals "muses" because they can inspire us in various ways. Whether you practice crystal healing or not, finding a crystal you admire can have a positive influence--either through admiration like a work of art of conditioning of the mind as a talisman. Finding a crystal you connect with is simply finding a crystal you admire, and by connecting you with these pieces, we hope you utilize this connection by allowing them to serve as your daily sources of inspiration.

How it Works

If you are new to crystal collecting or are a continuing crystal collector that simply collects crystals for their beauty, we welcome you! We must mention this disclaimer: there is no current scientific evidence for the efficacy of crystal healing (please refer to the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page).

Each crystal typically has different properties widely associated with it. Muse & Minerals focuses on their psychological associations relevant to emotional and mental health. When connecting with a piece and looking into its associations, you are reinforcing a reminder to better a specific aspect in your life. As you take time to admire it, you can use this time as an opportunity to reflect, or meditate, on this aspect and how to take action towards those improvements you desire. We hope to connect you with a crystal that has the potential to give you this experience.



If you are interested in crystal collecting based on their symbolic meanings, please note these are only interpretive associations. Results of using them effectively as mental reminders will vary based on your personal input on mental conditioning/reinforcement. There is no scientific evidence for physical and mental correlations with the use of crystals for meditation or metaphysical healing. We do not recommend the use of these as replacement for any physical or mental treatments provided by your physician or licensed professional.